From A to Toddler: 9 Nashville Daycares Your Kids Will Love!

As a parent, choosing the right daycare for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make.

You want to make sure that your child is safe, happy, and receiving the best care possible. Luckily, Nashville has a wide range of daycare options to choose from.

From traditional daycare centers to home-based care, Nashville offers a variety of options for parents to consider.

Each daycare has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to do your research and find the one that best fits your family's needs.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the best daycares in Nashville. We will examine their programs, facilities, staff, and overall reputation in the community.

Whether you're looking for a full-time daycare or just a few hours of care each week, this guide will help you make an informed decision.

So, if you're a parent in Nashville looking for the best daycare for your child, keep reading.

We've got you covered.

1. The Academy of Harpeth Village

The Academy Of Harpeth Village
7836 Learning Ln, Nashville, TN 37221 (Google Maps)

The Academy of Harpeth Village is a top-notch daycare that provides excellent care and service for children.

The teachers are loving and caring, creating a wonderful learning environment for young minds. The staff is actively involved in ensuring the safety of children, especially those with allergies.

The daycare has multiple playgrounds and brings in outside resources for children to enjoy, making it a rare jewel of excellence. Parents are even treated to breakfast each day.

If you're looking for a daycare center, child care agency, or preschool, The Academy of Harpeth Village is definitely worth checking out.

2. Unique Kids Childcare Center

Unique Kids Childcare Center
1828 Old Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville, TN 37217 (Google Maps)

Looking for a daycare that feels like family and provides a unique learning experience for your child, look no further than Unique Kids Childcare Center.

With a warm and welcoming environment, your child will feel right at home from the moment they arrive.

The passionate and caring teachers create a fun and educational atmosphere that will leave your child excited to learn and grow.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to give your child the best start in life.

3. The Gardner School of Nashville

The Gardner School Of Nashville
601 Marriott Dr, Nashville, TN 37214 (Google Maps)

The Gardner School of Nashville is a great daycare center that offers a range of services including child care, kindergarten, and preschool.

The teachers are the best thing about this school as they are loving and caring towards the children.

They provide the required attention which keeps the kids excited to go there every day.

The Gardner School of Nashville comes highly recommended for parents who want their children to receive quality care and education.

4. Swiss Avenue KinderCare

Swiss Avenue Kindercare
410 Swiss Ave, Nashville, TN 37211 (Google Maps)

Swiss Avenue KinderCare is a wonderful daycare center that provides a safe and educational environment for children.

The teachers and staff are highly qualified and create a fun atmosphere for the kids to learn and grow. The director, Jamie, and her team are excellent at what they do and ensure that every child is well taken care of.

Parents can rest assured that their children are in good hands at Swiss Avenue KinderCare. This daycare center also offers a preschool program, which is a great way to prepare children for their academic journey.

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy daycare center, Swiss Avenue KinderCare is definitely worth considering.

5. Belle Meade Children's Center

Belle Meade Children's Center
121 Davidson Rd, Nashville, TN 37205 (Google Maps)

Belle Meade Children's Center is an excellent daycare center with caring and knowledgeable staff.

They offer a diverse and innovative curriculum that prepares children for kindergarten. The center is well-organized, and the quality of care is top-notch.

It's a safe and loving environment that has become a family to many parents.

It's no wonder why Belle Meade Children's Center is considered one of the best daycare centers in the area.

6. Fannie Battle Day Home

Fannie Battle Day Home
108 Chapel Ave, Nashville, TN 37206 (Google Maps)

Fannie Battle Day Home is a non-profit daycare center that provides excellent care for children.

The staff is highly committed to the children and their families, which is evident in their service.

The facility is clean and well-maintained, providing a safe and nurturing environment for children to learn and grow.

If you're in need of childcare, Fannie Battle Day Home is a great option to consider.

7. The Children's Playroom Drop In

The Children's Playroom Drop In
5133 Harding Pike B7, Nashville, TN 37205 (Google Maps)

The Children's Playroom Drop In is a reliable and accommodating daycare center that offers a variety of activities for children.

The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and patient with children of all abilities.

The environment is clean and inviting, and children are fed on their schedule.

The Children's Playroom Drop In is a great option for parents looking for a trustworthy and flexible childcare option.

8. Educare Childcare & Enrichment center

Educare Childcare & Enrichment Center
337 Margo Ln, Nashville, TN 37211 (Google Maps)

Educare Childcare & Enrichment center is a top-notch daycare center that offers exceptional care for children.

With a focus on learning and development, this center is known for its engaging and interactive activities that keep the children active and entertained. The staff is attentive and caring, ensuring that each child receives individualized attention and care.

The center is well-equipped with modern facilities and resources that cater to the needs of children of all ages. Parents can rest assured that their children are in good hands at Educare Childcare & Enrichment center.

This daycare center is highly recommended for anyone looking for quality childcare services in the Nashville area.

9. Future Scholars Academy

Future Scholars Academy
1224 Lischey Ave, Nashville, TN 37207 (Google Maps)

Future Scholars Academy is a top-notch daycare center that offers exceptional care for children in the East Nashville and Goodletsville areas.

With experienced teachers who are hands-on with the children, parents can trust that their little ones are in great hands.

The infant room is particularly impressive, and Ms. Tonya is known for her excellent work with the babies.

Director Vache is knowledgeable, attentive, and always helpful whenever parents have questions or concerns. Highly recommended for anyone looking for quality child care.