Get Your Craft On: Discovering Nashville’s Top 5 Hobby Shops!

Are you looking for a new hobby to occupy your free time? Or perhaps you're a seasoned hobbyist searching for a new store to browse for your next project.

Either way, Nashville has some of the best hobby shops around. From model trains to scrapbooking, there's a store for every interest.

One of the best things about hobby shops is the sense of community they create. It's a place where like-minded individuals can come together and share their passion for their chosen hobby.

Whether you're new to the scene or a veteran, these stores offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you find what you need.

In addition to the sense of community, hobby shops also offer a great way to support local businesses. Many of these stores are family-owned and operated, and they take pride in providing personalized customer service.

By shopping at these stores, you're not only supporting the local economy, but you're also helping to preserve a piece of Nashville's history. So if you're looking for a new hobby or just want to support local businesses, check out some of the best hobby shops in Nashville.

1. Wild Birds Unlimited

Wild Birds Unlimited
86 White Bridge Pike, Nashville, TN 37205 (Google Maps)

Wild Birds Unlimited is a hobby shop that specializes in bird-feeding and observation supplies.

The staff is knowledgeable and provides great advice to customers. The shop has a wide selection of bird feeding supplies at reasonable prices.

They also stock bird baths and binoculars for bird-watching enthusiasts. The shopping environment is safe and the staff is friendly.

If you are looking for supplies to keep your feathered friends happy, Wild Birds Unlimited is definitely worth a visit.

2. Tandy Leather Nashville

Tandy Leather Nashville
405 Harding Industrial Dr, Nashville, TN 37211 (Google Maps)

Tandy Leather Nashville is a hobby shop that specializes in leather and leather-working supplies. The store has a great selection of products, including tools, dyes, patterns, books, and kits.

The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, always willing to help customers with any questions they may have.

The store is well-organized and clean, making it easy to find what you need. Prices are reasonable, although some customers may find them a bit high.

If you're interested in leather crafting or need supplies for your projects, Tandy Leather Nashville is definitely worth a visit.

3. The Wood Thrush Shop

The Wood Thrush Shop
6029 TN-100, Nashville, TN 37205 (Google Maps)

The Wood Thrush Shop is a fantastic hobby shop that specializes in all things bird-related. They offer a wide variety of specialty bird food and feeders at reasonable prices.

The staff is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to help customers find what they need.

In addition to bird supplies, they also have a great selection of items for the garden.

The Wood Thrush Shop is a must-visit for anyone interested in bird watching or looking for unique gifts.

4. Paper Source

Paper Source
4017 Hillsboro Pike #307, Nashville, TN 37215 (Google Maps)

Looking for a place to get your crafting fix or find unique gifts for your loved ones, head over to Paper Source.

This chain store offers an impressive variety of decorative paper, crafting supplies, and quirky gifts, as well as custom stationery services.

The well-organized and clean store is staffed with knowledgeable and friendly employees who are always ready to assist you in finding what you need.

Although some items may be on the pricier side, the quality and uniqueness of the products make it worth the cost. So, visit Paper Source today and indulge in your creative side or find the perfect gift for that special someone.

5. Books-A-Million

6718 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209 (Google Maps)

Books-A-Million is a large chain hobby shop that offers a wide variety of books, toys, and games for both adults and kids.

The store is clean and well-organized, making it easy to navigate through the different sections.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, always ready to help customers find what they need.

They also have a nice selection of starter hobby items such as board games, puzzles, and coin collector supplies. If you're looking for a place to browse and explore, Books-A-Million is definitely worth a visit.