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Step into Serenity: 11 Scenic Parks for Your Stroll in Nashville!

Nashville is a city that is full of surprises. The city is known for its vibrant music scene, but it also has a lot to offer for those who love spending time outdoors. One of the best things about Nashville is its parks.

The city boasts a large number of beautiful parks, each with its own unique charm. If you are looking for a great place to take a walk, Nashville has plenty of options.

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise, and it is also a great way to clear your mind and enjoy nature. Nashville's parks offer a variety of landscapes, from lush green forests to rolling hills and sparkling lakes.

Whether you are looking for a peaceful place to reflect or a scenic spot to take some photos, you are sure to find a park that suits your needs.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the best parks for walking in Nashville. We will highlight their unique features and share tips for making the most of your visit.

So, whether you are a local looking for a new place to explore or a visitor looking to experience Nashville's natural beauty, read on to discover some of the best parks for walking in Music City.

1. Radnor Lake State Park

Radnor Lake State Park
1160 Otter Creek Rd, Nashville, TN 37220 (Google Maps)

Radnor Lake State Park is a stunning nature preserve with six hiking trails that showcase native wildlife and plants.

The park features a visitor center, where visitors can learn about the history of the area, and a small museum with a big-screen display of the types of birds that inhabit the park.

The trails are well maintained and offer a mix of paved and non-paved options. Visitors can enjoy a peaceful walk surrounded by the sounds of chirping birds and grazing animals.

The park is a must-visit for anyone seeking a relaxing and contemplative experience in nature.

2. Percy Warner

Percy Warner
Bellevue Dr S, Nashville, TN 37205 (Google Maps)

Percy Warner is a must-visit park for walking enthusiasts. With its scenic trails and moderate levels of difficulty, it offers a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The park boasts paved roads for walking, running, and biking, as well as rugged trails for running and hiking. For the adventurous, there's even an extensive mountain bike area and horse-riding trails.

Edwin and Percy Warner parks make up one of the largest and best urban parks in America. Be sure to check online for maps and arrive early on busy weekends as parking can be limited.

In short, Percy Warner is the best park in Nashville, offering pretty scenery and a variety of trails for all levels of fitness.

3. Woodmont Park

Woodmont Park
Woodmont Park, 912 Estes Rd, Nashville, TN 37215 (Google Maps)

Woodmont Park is a small, family-friendly park surrounded by trees. It offers a paved path that loops around the park, making it perfect for a leisurely walk.

The park has a great range of play equipment, including swings and slides, which are perfect for young children. There are also tennis courts and basketball hoops for older children and adults to enjoy.

Although the park has limited parking, it is well maintained and clean. The porta potty is available, and there is a covered pavilion with picnic tables.

The park is dog-friendly, making it a great spot for a walk with your furry friend. It's a lovely pocket park that is worth a visit.

4. Shelby Bottoms – Forrest Green Trailhead

Shelby Bottoms - Forrest Green Trailhead
Shelby Bottoms Greenway, Nashville, TN 37216 (Google Maps)

Shelby Bottoms – Forrest Green Trailhead is a great park for walking. The park offers a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere with a mix of paved and boggy trails.

It's perfect for novice or low key riders, but avid cyclists may find it too congested.

The park is an oasis in the middle of the city, and visitors can spot wildlife along the way. The park is also dog-friendly, making it a great place for pet owners to enjoy a walk.

The park is a local best-kept secret and a must-visit for anyone in East Nashville looking for a place to unwind and get some exercise.

5. Frankie Pierce Park

Frankie Pierce Park
130 LifeWay Plz, Nashville, TN 37203 (Google Maps)

Frankie Pierce Park is a great place for a walk. The park has excellent walking and cycling links to surrounding areas.

Visitors can enjoy a well-designed park with amenities for all ages. The park also features a children's playground and a dog park for social dogs.

It is a clean and well-kept park with fun climbing nets, slides, and sand volleyball. The park is well-lit, making it a good cut-through at night.

Frankie Pierce Park is a hidden gem for downtown dwellers and a must-visit for anyone looking for a fun outdoor activity.

6. Cumberland River Greenway Metro Center Levee

Cumberland River Greenway Metro Center Levee
Nashville, TN 37228 (Google Maps)

The Cumberland River Greenway Metro Center Levee is a great place to enjoy nature while getting some exercise.

This trail offers a peaceful and quiet environment with occasional sightings of sheep and a herd dog grazing nearby.

It's perfect for biking, walking, and rollerblading. However, visitors should be aware that there is not a lot of shade along the trail.

If you're looking for a refreshing and serene outdoor experience, the Cumberland River Greenway Metro Center Levee is definitely worth a visit.

7. Parmer Park

Parmer Park
578 Leake Ave, Nashville, TN 37205 (Google Maps)

Parmer Park is a historic park that offers a beautiful walking experience. The park features a well-maintained walkway that is perfect for strolling and enjoying the scenery.

In addition, the park has four basketball hoops and swings, making it a great place for families to spend time together.

The lush greenery and mature trees add to the park's charm, and visitors will appreciate the peaceful atmosphere.

Whether you're looking for a quick walk or a place to spend a relaxing afternoon, Parmer Park is definitely worth a visit.

8. Shelby Walk Park

Shelby Walk Park
1400 Shelby Ave, Nashville, TN 37206 (Google Maps)

Shelby Walk Park is a small, shady park perfect for a peaceful walk. The park has several picnic tables with a covered shelter, making it a great spot for a picnic.

The park is well-maintained, clean, and free from any disturbances. Unfortunately, there are no barbecue grills in the park, despite being listed on their website.

However, the park's beauty and tranquility make up for this shortcoming. Visitors can bring their dogs or bikes and enjoy the park's charm.

The park is also a great spot for taking pictures on a pretty day. In short, Shelby Walk Park is a beautiful and restful spot for a walk.

9. Stones River Dog Park

Stones River Dog Park
Stones River Greenway, Nashville, TN 37214 (Google Maps)

Stones River Dog Park is a spacious and well-maintained park that's perfect for dog owners who want to give their furry friends plenty of room to run and play.

The fenced-in area includes several benches and a central water fountain for the dogs, making it a convenient spot for both humans and their pets.

The park also features a long concrete walkway and beautiful walking trails that are great for exercise and relaxation.

While the bathrooms may not be the cleanest, the park is still a great place to spend a day with your dog, meet new people, and enjoy the great outdoors.

10. Whitsett Park

Whitsett Park
375 Wimpole Dr, Nashville, TN 37211 (Google Maps)

Whitsett Park is a cozy city park that is perfect for a leisurely walk or a quick jog. The park features well-maintained walking trails that are great for both humans and their furry friends.

The park also has a playground for kids and creek access for those who want to take a dip or just relax by the water.

The park is a popular spot for families and locals who want to enjoy the outdoors in a peaceful and serene environment.

Despite its small size, Whitsett Park is a great place to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

11. Walk of Fame Park

Walk Of Fame Park
121 4th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203 (Google Maps)

Walk of Fame Park is a music-themed park that honors Nashville's music legends. The park features a star-studded pavement and a Nashville Music Garden.

It's a small park located in the heart of the city and is a popular tourist attraction.

The park is heavily trafficked with tourists, but it's a great spot for a quick walk or to relax and people watch. The park is also a good spot for a meet-up with friends.

While there are some homeless panhandlers in the area, the park is generally clean and well-maintained. It's a great free activity to check out while in Nashville.