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Raving about Risotto: Nashville’s 18 Must-Try Spots!

Nashville is a city that's known for its rich history in music, its vibrant nightlife, and its delicious food. One of the most popular dishes in the city is risotto, a creamy and flavorful rice dish that's perfect for any occasion.

Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner for two or a night out with friends, there's no shortage of great places to enjoy a delicious bowl of risotto in Nashville.

From traditional Italian restaurants to trendy new eateries, there are a variety of different places to find the perfect risotto in Nashville.

Some of the best spots offer creative twists on classic recipes, while others stick to the tried-and-true methods that have been passed down for generations. No matter what your preferences are, there's sure to be a restaurant in Nashville that can satisfy your cravings for this beloved dish.

In this blog post, we'll be taking a closer look at some of the top places to enjoy risotto in Nashville. We'll be exploring the flavors, ingredients, and techniques that make each restaurant's risotto unique, and we'll be sharing some tips on how to make the most of your dining experience.

So whether you're a local looking for a new favorite spot or a visitor who wants to experience the best that Nashville has to offer, read on to discover the top places for risotto in Music City.

1. Etch

303 Demonbreun St, Nashville, TN 37201 (Google Maps)

Etch is a must-visit restaurant for risotto lovers. Their scallop risotto special is cooked to perfection and generously portioned.

The attentive and knowledgeable staff provide top-notch service, making for a great dining experience.

The ambiance is upscale and eclectic, with an open-kitchen setting adding to the excitement of watching the food being prepared. The extensive cocktail and wine list complements the fine dining experience.

Highly recommended for a special occasion or a romantic night out. Make sure to book a reservation in advance to secure your spot.

2. Barcelona Wine Bar

Barcelona Wine Bar
1200 Villa Pl Suite 110, Nashville, TN 37212 (Google Maps)

Barcelona Wine Bar is a cozy place that offers Spanish small plates, paella, cocktails, and wine.

The intimate, late-night setting is perfect for a date night or a night out with friends. The food is fantastic, and the risotto is a must-try.

The service is excellent and attentive without being intrusive. The atmosphere is gorgeous, and the staff is amazing.

If you're looking for a place to enjoy a nice, slow European dining experience, Barcelona Wine Bar is the perfect spot.

3. Margot Cafe & Bar

Margot Cafe & Bar
1017 Woodland St, Nashville, TN 37206 (Google Maps)

Looking for a place to satisfy your risotto cravings in Nashville, Tennessee, without breaking the bank or compromising on quality and taste, Margot Cafe & Bar is the place to be.

This cozy and rustic French and Italian bistro offers a rotating menu of creative, seasonal French and Italian cuisine that you won't regret trying.

The restaurant is known for its warm and friendly atmosphere, attentive and knowledgeable staff, and excellent service. The homemade bread and oil and vinegar are a must-try, and the extensive beverage list, including custom cocktails, is worth exploring.

While not the cheapest place in town, Margot Cafe & Bar offers excellent value for money, and reservations are highly recommended.

4. Hathorne

4708 Charlotte Ave, Nashville, TN 37209 (Google Maps)

Hathorne is a must-visit restaurant for anyone looking for exceptional risotto. This New American restaurant offers a warm atmosphere and top-notch service.

The menu boasts an array of shareable vegetarian options, including the standout crispy goat cheese and spicy meatballs.

The homemade focaccia is a perfect starter, and the venison gnocchi with pomegranate and potato cream is a must-try dish.

The cocktail menu is also impressive, with the signature non-alcoholic cocktail, Suzette, being a standout. Hathorne is an excellent choice for a fancy or casual dinner, and the patio is perfect for a spring evening.

5. The Chef and I

The Chef And I
1922 Adelicia St, Nashville, TN 37212 (Google Maps)

The Chef and I is a stylish eatery that offers global tasting menus. The industrial-chic restaurant serves sharing plates, tasting menus, and wine pairings.

The restaurant is known for its invigorating atmosphere and fantastic food that caters to anybody's taste. The menu is far-reaching, and everything tasted was 10/10.

The risotto is one of the standout dishes, cooked to perfection and bursting with flavor. The seating arrangements directly next to the chefs offer a unique dining experience.

The staff is knowledgeable and super down to earth, making the dining experience all the more enjoyable. For anyone looking for a top-notch dining experience, The Chef and I is a must-visit.

6. Little Hats Market

Little Hats Market
1120 4th Ave N #101, Nashville, TN 37208 (Google Maps)

Little Hats Market is a hidden gem for Italian food lovers. The restaurant offers a variety of delicious sandwiches and salads that are perfect for a quick lunch or dinner.

The risotto is a must-try and is cooked to perfection with the right balance of creaminess and flavor.

The staff is friendly and welcoming, making the dining experience even more enjoyable.

The market also sells a selection of Italian products that are hard to find elsewhere. Whether you are a local or a tourist, Little Hats Market is definitely worth a visit.

7. Valentino's Ristorante

Valentino's Ristorante
1808 Hayes St, Nashville, TN 37203 (Google Maps)

Valentino's Ristorante is a cozy, upscale Italian restaurant that serves traditional Italian food at the highest level of quality and flavor.

The knowledgeable and talented staff provide excellent service, and the atmosphere is authentic and romantic.

The risotto is perfectly cooked and pairs well with the Osso Buco. The tiramisu is a must-try dessert.

Regular live music adds to the ambiance, making Valentino's Ristorante a great place for a special night out.

8. Bella Napoli Pizzeria

Bella Napoli Pizzeria
1200 Villa Pl #206, Nashville, TN 37212 (Google Maps)

Bella Napoli Pizzeria is an Italian-owned restaurant that serves authentic Italian cuisine. The wood-fired pizzas, homemade pastas, and dressings are all freshly made.

The restaurant has a classical Naples-styled atmosphere, and you can choose to sit indoors or outdoors. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and the service is efficient.

The menu includes a variety of dishes, including risotto, which is delicious and cooked to perfection. The prices are reasonable considering the quality of the food and the experience.

Bella Napoli Pizzeria is a great option for anyone looking for an authentic Italian meal in a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

9. Yolan

403 4th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37201 (Google Maps)

Yolan is a fine dining Italian restaurant that offers a unique and exquisite dining experience.

The restaurant specializes in avant-garde entrees and has an extensive wine list. The risotto is a must-try dish that is cooked to perfection and bursting with flavors.

The service is exceptional, with attentive staff who are knowledgeable about the menu and wine list.

The atmosphere is chic and polished, making it an ideal spot for a romantic dinner or a special occasion. Yolan is a fantastic choice for those looking for an elevated Italian dining experience.

10. Harth

3801 Cleghorn Ave, Nashville, TN 37215 (Google Maps)

Harth offers an impressive dining experience for those seeking a delicious risotto dish. Their lobster risotto and smoked fillet are highly recommended.

The restaurant's dessert options are also a must-try. Harth's quality of food offerings during Nashville restaurant week is impressive.

The restaurant's location is convenient and has ample parking. The hotel validates parking tickets for customers.

If you're looking for a great place to enjoy a wonderful meal, Harth is definitely worth a visit.

11. Husk

37 Rutledge St, Nashville, TN 37210 (Google Maps)

Husk is a must-visit restaurant for any foodie looking for upscale Southern cuisine. The historic mansion setting adds to the charm and ambience of the place.

The menu features regional ingredients cooked on an ember-fired grill, resulting in inventive and flavorful dishes.

The risotto is a standout item, perfectly cooked with a creamy texture and rich flavor.

The service is attentive and knowledgeable, making the dining experience even more enjoyable. Don't miss out on this culinary journey of local food.

12. Coco's Italian Market & Restaurant

Coco's Italian Market & Restaurant
411 51st Ave N, Nashville, TN 37209 (Google Maps)

Coco's Italian Market & Restaurant is a cozy Italian spot that offers a wide variety of dishes on their extensive menu.

Although it may be challenging to make a decision, their risotto is a must-try. The portions are generous, and the flavors are well-balanced.

The restaurant is also equipped with an Italian market inside, offering imported foodstuffs and prepared meals.

The staff is friendly and attentive, making for a pleasant dining experience. If you're in the mood for authentic Italian cuisine, Coco's Italian Market & Restaurant is worth a visit.

13. Miel Restaurant

Miel Restaurant
343 53rd Ave N, Nashville, TN 37209 (Google Maps)

Miel Restaurant is a farm-to-table bistro that offers French-inspired cuisine. They have a creative and one-of-a-kind menu that is sure to impress any foodie.

Their risotto is exceptional and perfectly balanced with precisely chosen ingredients.

The staff is attentive and provides excellent service, making the dining experience a memorable one.

The restaurant has a non-pretentious atmosphere and is great for a romantic date night. If you're looking for an elevated dining experience, Miel Restaurant is definitely worth a visit.

14. Giovanni Ristorante

Giovanni Ristorante
909 20th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37212 (Google Maps)

If you are looking for refined Northern Italian cuisine, Giovanni Ristorante is a must-try. The restaurant offers a sophisticated setting and an impressive wine list.

The fresh pasta is excellent, and the chicken with Scarpariello is a standout dish. While the prices are on the high side, the quality of the food and service make it worth it.

The mushroom risotto is a slightly better portion size, and the staff is accommodating and knowledgeable.

The ambiance is nice, though it can be a little loud for a romantic date. All in all, Giovanni Ristorante is an excellent choice for an upscale Italian dining experience.

15. Ellington's

401 Union St 4th Floor, Nashville, TN 37219 (Google Maps)

Ellington's is a refined restaurant that offers mid-century staples with a modern twist. The restaurant has a lovely ambiance and live piano music, which adds to the overall experience.

The risotto is a standout dish and is highly recommended. The menu offers a good wine selection, but it can be a bit pricey.

The service can be spotty at times, but the staff is generally friendly and attentive. The outdoor terrace is a great spot to relax and enjoy a drink.

If you're looking for a sophisticated dining experience with great risotto, Ellington's is worth checking out.

16. Pastaria

8 City Blvd, Nashville, TN 37209 (Google Maps)

If you're in the mood for some delicious risotto, Pastaria is the place to be.

This modern Italian restaurant offers freshly made pasta and a wide variety of dishes to choose from.

The open kitchen adds to the ambiance and the service is outstanding. The risotto balls are a must-try and the gelato is the perfect way to end your meal.

Pastaria is definitely worth a visit if you're looking for a great dining experience.

17. Amerigo Italian Restaurant

Amerigo Italian Restaurant
1920 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203 (Google Maps)

Amerigo Italian Restaurant is a must-visit for anyone who loves Italian food.

Their risotto is simply outstanding, with a perfect balance of creaminess and flavor. The ambiance is cozy and welcoming, and the service is top-notch.

The menu offers a great selection of classic Italian dishes, and the portions are generous.

Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner or a family outing, Amerigo Italian Restaurant is the perfect choice. Don't miss out on their amazing risotto!

18. North Italia

North Italia
2159 Green Hills Village Dr, Nashville, TN 37215 (Google Maps)

North Italia is a great place for risotto. They offer a variety of Italian dishes such as pasta, pizza, and salads.

The restaurant has a great atmosphere with friendly staff and prompt service. Customers can view into the kitchen from most tables.

The calamari and Tuscan salad are highly recommended. The handmade pasta is delicious and the squid ink pasta is a must-try.

The restaurant also offers outdoor seating. Prices are reasonable and wait times are typically short. North Italia is a hidden gem that is definitely worth a visit.