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Tune into These 11 Tasty Tuna Melts in Nashville!

Nashville is known for its hot chicken, barbecue, and country music, but the city is also home to some of the best tuna melts around. This classic sandwich is a favorite among locals and visitors alike, with its combination of creamy tuna salad, melted cheese, and toasted bread.

Whether you're looking for a quick lunch or a satisfying dinner, there are plenty of places in Nashville to satisfy your craving for a delicious tuna melt.

From classic diners to trendy cafes, Nashville has a diverse range of restaurants that serve up this classic sandwich. Some places stick to the traditional recipe, while others put their own spin on it with unique ingredients and flavors.

Whether you prefer your tuna melt with pickles, onions, or avocado, you're sure to find a place in Nashville that caters to your taste buds.

But with so many options to choose from, it can be tough to know where to start. That's why we've put together a guide to the best places for tuna melts in Nashville.

We've scoured the city to find the most delicious and satisfying sandwiches, taking into account factors like quality, value, and overall experience. So whether you're a Nashville native or a first-time visitor, get ready to discover some of the best tuna melts in town.

1. Mitchell Delicatessen

Mitchell Delicatessen
1306 McGavock Pk, Nashville, TN 37216 (Google Maps)

Looking for a delicious tuna melt sandwich in town that won't disappoint your taste buds and wallet at the same time, then check out Mitchell Delicatessen.

This cozy deli shop offers a great variety of artisan sandwiches, including their amazing tuna melt.

Made with fresh ingredients, this sandwich is a must-try for anyone who loves a good melt. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is inviting, making it a great spot to grab a quick lunch or dinner.

Although parking can be a challenge, the food makes up for it. Don't miss out on this hidden gem in town.

2. Vegelicious, LLC

Vegelicious, Llc
513B Fisk St, Nashville, TN 37203 (Google Maps)

Looking for a vegan tuna melt that hits the spot, without compromising on taste and quality ingredients?

Vegelicious, LLC has got you covered. This casual vegan eatery offers a variety of plant-based dishes with soul-food inspiration.

Their tuna melt is a customer favorite, made with faux tuna, vegan cheese, and served on toasted bread.

The restaurant also offers a range of other vegan and gluten-free options, including salads, sandwiches, and entrees.

With friendly staff and modest environs, Vegelicious, LLC is a must-visit spot for anyone looking for delicious vegan food.

3. Graze Nashville

Graze Nashville
1888 Eastland Ave, Nashville, TN 37206 (Google Maps)

Graze Nashville is a vegan restaurant that serves up delicious tuna melts that are sure to satisfy.

The staff is friendly and efficient, and the environment is inviting and friendly.

The menu offers a variety of vegan options that even meat-eaters will love. The loaded potatoes and Brussels sprouts are a must-try, and the desserts are to die for.

Whether you're vegan or not, Graze Nashville is a great place to grab a bite to eat.

4. The Southern V

The Southern V
1200 Buchanan St, Nashville, TN 37208 (Google Maps)

The Southern V is a stylish cafe that serves up delicious plant-based Southern comfort food.

Their tuna melt is a must-try for anyone looking for a tasty and satisfying meal. The seitan is crispy and flavorful, and the vegan cheese is melted to perfection.

The atmosphere is modern and welcoming, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious meal with friends or family.

If you're in the mood for some comfort food that's also vegan-friendly, The Southern V is definitely worth checking out.

5. The Mockingbird

The Mockingbird
121 12th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37203 (Google Maps)

The Mockingbird is a chic diner that serves classic American comfort food with a global twist.

The restaurant's tuna melt is a must-try for sandwich lovers.

The tuna is perfectly cooked and is paired with gooey melted cheese and toasted bread. The dish is served with a side of crispy fries.

The Mockingbird's cozy ambiance and friendly staff make it a great place to enjoy a satisfying meal.

6. Noshville Delicatessen

Noshville Delicatessen
4014 Hillsboro Cir, Nashville, TN 37215 (Google Maps)

Noshville Delicatessen is a New York-style deli that serves up delicious tuna melts.

Along with this classic sandwich, they offer a variety of other deli staples like Reuben sandwiches and matzo ball soup.

The low-key atmosphere and friendly service make for a great dining experience.

If you're in the mood for a tasty tuna melt or some other deli favorite, Noshville Delicatessen is the place to go.

7. The Grilled Cheeserie

The Grilled Cheeserie
2003 Belcourt Ave, Nashville, TN 37212 (Google Maps)

The Grilled Cheeserie specializes in serving up unique and delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. Their tuna melt is a must-try for any sandwich lover.

The sandwich is perfectly toasted and filled with just the right amount of tuna and melted cheese. The menu offers a variety of options to choose from, and the staff is friendly and accommodating.

The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming, making it a great spot for a quick lunch or a casual dinner.

Don't forget to try their milkshakes, which are just as delicious as their sandwiches. The Grilled Cheeserie is definitely worth a visit for anyone looking for a tasty and satisfying meal.

8. Pinewood

33 Peabody St, Nashville, TN 37210 (Google Maps)

Pinewood is a trendy hangout spot that offers more than just good food. With their New American cuisine and cocktails, it's a great place for groups to hang out and have fun.

The atmosphere is industrial-chic, and they even have a bowling alley that can be reserved.

The tuna melt is a must-try, as it's well-made and served by a friendly staff. The location is easily accessible, making it a great spot for a casual lunch or dinner.

All in all, Pinewood is a great place to visit for a fun and lively dining experience.

9. Elliston Place Soda Shop

Elliston Place Soda Shop
2105 Elliston Pl, Nashville, TN 37203 (Google Maps)

Elliston Place Soda Shop is a neighborhood institution that serves up some delicious tuna melts.

The retro decor and 1930s diner vibes make for a fun atmosphere. The menu offers a variety of options including breakfast, burgers, and home-cooked meals.

But the real star of the show is their tuna melt – it's a must-try for anyone who loves this classic sandwich.

The service is friendly and attentive, making for an enjoyable dining experience. If you're in the mood for a tasty tuna melt, Elliston Place Soda Shop is definitely worth checking out.

10. Sportsman's Grille

Sportsman's Grille
5405 Harding Pike, Nashville, TN 37205 (Google Maps)

Sportsman's Grille offers a delicious tuna melt that is worth trying.

The rustic atmosphere adds to the overall dining experience. The staff is friendly and provides good service.

The menu has a diverse selection of food options and homemade dressings that are tasty.

Prices are decent and the portions are generous. If you're in the mood for a good tuna melt, Sportsman's Grille is worth a visit.

11. Cafe Coco – Elliston Place

Cafe Coco - Elliston Place
210 Louise Ave, Nashville, TN 37203 (Google Maps)

Cafe Coco – Elliston Place is a funky coffeehouse that is open 24/7. It features live music, patio seating, and serves delicious food.

The tuna melt is a must-try and is made with fresh ingredients. The staff is friendly and the service is quick.

The atmosphere is laid back and perfect for a casual meal or a quick bite. The prices are reasonable and the portions are generous.

Whether you're looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Cafe Coco – Elliston Place has got you covered.